Family Group Movement

In 1972, Father Peter McGrath CP was appointed to the tiny parish of St Anthony in the Fields, Terry Hills, an outer suburb of Sydney. Then only 30 people gathered for Sunday Eucharist. The congregation grew and by 1973 over 1,000 people were attending.

Faced with this expansion, Father Peter formed Family Groups to preserve the original community spirit where people knew each other by name and shared each other’s joys and sorrows.

The Family Group Movement, though started in the Catholic Church, has now bridged the gap and is ecumenical, being in Anglican, Uniting and Baptist Churches. It is active in over 420 parishes in Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., England, Scotland, and Ireland.

In all countries it is seen to be a relevant way for the lay people to work with other Religious to build Christian Community and prepare for the future.

For more information please contact the Parish Office 9807 9494.

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